Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 42

It’s Wednesday and Gaynor and Paul are making plans for next weeks album launch at the folk club. The local vicar’s highly amused at the thought of a folk club ‘Wow maaaaan’ he laughs, ‘is it like soooo 1961 or what’ sweeping his arms in a psychedelic movement that’s probably nothing like a dance from the early sixties. Gaynor and Paul look at each other and laugh, ‘Little has changed in folk music since 1066, let alone 1961’ replies Paul. Ed Sheeran pipes up from the beanbag he’s sat on, ‘Guys, feel free to use my PA system, it sounded awesome at Glasto.’ Gaynor tactfully thanks Ed for his offer and explains this an acoustic gig without amplifiers or loop pedals and further enlightens him of the unwritten rule that the audience must be respectfully quiet during the performance. ‘So no talking, no mosh pit and no chucking plastic bottles of wee at each other?’ questions Pixie Lott, who’s just nipped in to return Gaynor’s crushed velvet loon pants. ‘That’s right’ assures Paul, ‘sounds almost civilised doesn’t it?’ ‘Sounds like a top night out!’ drawls the vicar sarcastically, gesturing a yawn to emphasize his point, ‘at least I don’t have to pay to watch you two murder those awful ‘songs’ you claim you’ve written. ‘Well.....’ begins Paul hesitantly, ‘there is a small door charge, the club doesn’t expect its guests to play for free.’ ‘Bags I’m your plus one?’ the vicar suggests looking at Gaynor.