Thursday, 3 May 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 39

Occasionally, when Gaynor drinks one over the eight, she’ll regale Paul and the local vicar with stories of the time she disguised herself as a cabin boy and joined the Merchant Navy. In some tales she’ll fight pirates off the coast of Somalia, armed only with a tea spoon and a rolled up Radio Times, in others, she discovers stolen Inca gold in long forgotten shipwrecks. During these recitals, the boys are transfixed on the edge of their seats, not because of the Boys Own style stories they’ve heard a thousand times, instead they’re trying catch a glimpse of the treasure map, it is rumoured Gaynor has tattooed across her chest. The vicar claims that once on a hot day, Gaynor unwittingly revealed a reference to ‘20 paces north.....’ before she caught him gawping and gave him a Chinese burn.