Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Locar Vicar - Episode 35

It’s Friday and back at Manchester airport the girls are waiting for their lift from Ed Sheeran in his mum’s Punto. As Ed arrives, Gaynor has a change of heart and decides she’d rather catch the bus and rediscover the streets she ran barefoot as a child. Back home, Paul and the local vicar are decorating the house with the red, white and blue bunting Paul’s had since the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. They’ve also collaborated on a banner using paper and watercolours the vicar’s loaned from the Sunday School class. ‘Welcome Home Gaynor’ it says, though the letters gradually get smaller due to poor planning in the initial stages. As the bus passes Woolworths in the high street, Gaynor clocks the Bishop furtively leaving Ann Summers with a package wrapped in brown paper. Whilst he’s wearing dark glasses, maybe he’s forgotten he’s wearing his Mitre? ‘You couldn’t dream this, let alone write it’ she mutters to herself, realising she’s back home.