Monday, 30 April 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 37

Gaynor has the post holiday blues, if anyone else reminds her of last week’s enthusiasm to open a bar in Megaruff, she’s likely to disembowel them. She’s also had the obligatory post holiday illness, claiming it was caused by dodgy paella. However following his house call, old Doctor Jones has discreetly confirmed to a worried Paul, that it’s only mild alcohol poisoning and if she stays off ‘the pop’ for a week or so, she’ll be as right as rain. The local vicar’s delighted his playmate’s back on the scene, ‘Paul’s so incredibly boring’ he tells a disinterested Gaynor, who from her sickbed she throws him an exasperated glance of ‘yeh, yeh, tell me something we don’t know’ and then fakes a large yawn in the hope he’ll realise that’s his cue to feck off and leave her to suffer in silence.