Friday, 27 April 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 36

Gaynor and Paul are home late from a gig. As they load the gear in the cupboard under the stairs, they can hear the TV blaring under the living room door. Gaynor pops her head round, turns to Paul and smiles ‘Get a load of this’. There’s the local vicar asleep on the sofa, one arm is wrapped round a Watneys Party 7, the other is firmly wedged into a box of Tuc biscuits. Paul turns to Gaynor ‘He’ll need surgery to remove those Tuc biscuits, looks like a job for the morning surgery Nurse Gaynor?’ ‘First thing, crack of lunchtime’ yawns Gaynor on her way to bed, posting a picture of the vicar on her Instagram.