Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 34

It’s the last few days of the holiday and Gaynor’s craving the routines and familiar faces she left at home. Today she’s texting Paul just to hear his dull little episodes of doing the buying in at the supermarket and washing up etc. Just small shots of reality to lessen the shock of the freezing cold at Manchester Airport. All in all the two girls have got on well together, even when Gaynor demanded to know, ‘What sort of names ‘Pixie’ anyway? What’s your real name, is it Tricia? Lynda? Rumpelstiltskin?’ Pixie laughed ‘Lynda Lott, haha, no my name’s............Costa! Anyway, what sort of a pikey name is Gaynor..’ Gaynor has little memory of her father, Kieran O’Wilson who arrived in Liverpool on the night boat from Skibbereen in the late 1950’s.