Monday, 23 April 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 33

It’s Monday, Gaynor wonders why all the boys who chat her up on holiday claim to be airline pilots? Clearly most of them don’t seem capable of riding a bike or even walking in a straight line in some cases. Pixie simply has to confirm she’s Pixie Lott, that’s usually enough to send the boys scurrying away, whispering and giggling to their accomplices ‘See, I told yer.....’ Back home, Paul’s cleaning the bathroom for the first time in ages. When Gaynor’s home she treats it like her office, a bit like the Fonz in ‘Happy Days’, so it’s usually out of bounds to Paul and his Toilet Duck. Today Paul’s hindered by the local vicar, he’s gone a bender this weekend so he can’t go more than 10 minutes before he has to ‘occupy’ the room. Back in Megaruff Magaluff, Gaynor and Pixie have resolved to stay sober just for one night, instead they’re off to the Karaoke competition they've seen advertised in town. So they’re aren’t rumbled as professionals, they plan to wear disguises, thick glasses, buck teeth, bad wigs, ‘All the ingredients for a good night out’ smiles Gaynor.