Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 31

It’s Thursday and Pixie Lott’s celebrating news of a DJ’ing gig she’s landed in Magaluf. She’s allowed a ‘plus one’, so she’s asked Gaynor to accompany her for two sun drenched, fun filled weeks. Gaynor’s official role is ‘personal assistant to Miss Lott’ though unofficially, she’s been hired for her Ashton under Lyne street fighting skills and ability to party, really hard. Gaynor’s on cloud 9, she’s been chanting ‘Megaruff! Magaluf!’ all afternoon whilst packing the suitcase Paul got from Help the Aged. He’s also managed to bung her a few quid spending money from his Post Office Savings Account, after all its not like he’ll be going away this year, or anytime soon, though one condition, bring the local vicar back 100 duly free Park Drive, he’s been sulking ever since the trip’s been announced. ‘Right’ says Paul sitting on the suitcase to close it, ‘where’s your passport?’ ‘Errr....’ replies Gaynor, ‘You are joking aren’t you?’ says Paul with a serious look, ‘Course I am dickhead’ laughs Gaynor ‘Megaruff!Magaluf!’