Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 27

It’s Friday 2AM, Paul retired to bed several hours before and is enjoying a deep dreamless sleep despite the party raging downstairs. On the edge of his consciousness, he detects the landing light go on outside his room and the sounds of feet racing up the stairs. Suddenly Gaynor’s stood by the side of the bed ‘Wakey, wakey Paulus’ she croons, ‘Yes dear, what is it?’ he replies sitting up, attempting to sound more concerned than annoyed. ‘Can you loan Ed a tenner for a taxi? His mum won’t collect him cause he said he was staying over at Pixie’s house, but she got freaked out by the local vicar when he threw up on her, so she stormed off.’ ‘Lending Ed Sheeran a tenner!’ mutters Paul more in disbelief that anything else ‘there’s money in the jar in the cupboard’ he adds ‘but don’t tell the vicar, that’s to pay the bills!’ Whilst Gaynor rummages in the cupboard, a ginger head pops around the door ‘Thanks Gaynor’s Dad’ he says.