Monday, 9 April 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 26

Since the release of the Wilson McGladdery album on Tuesday, Gaynor’s been mobbed in the street on a couple of occasions, mostly by gangs of lusty young men demanding the attentions of the attractive chanteuse. Pixie Lott’s called round to help Gaynor deal with the mostly unwanted attention arising from her new found fame. ‘Look Gaynor’ says Pixie ‘you can’t batter all your fans init. You’ve gotta be all respectful like or they won’t buy your songs init.’ Gaynor’s rubbing her knuckles after her latest altercation outside Ethel Austin with the local vicar. She blacked both his eyes after he threatened to sell his story to the red tops if she didn’t stump up half her cash. Gaynor laughs ‘He looked a little deflated when I told the waster to get a leg on, otherwise he’d be last in the queue at the Sunday Sport to sell his story about me’. ‘Init’ replies Pixie.