Thursday, 5 April 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 24

Some of the ladies at Church have decided to put together a choir and knowing that Paul has dabbled in music, they’ve asked him to act as their conductor. Naturally Paul is flattered and delighted to accept, despite the comments of the local vicar and Gaynor, who howl with laughter at the news of his appointment and suggest Paul would be a better bus conductor or more useful as a lightning conductor. Undeterred by their comments, It soon becomes apparent to Paul that whilst the members of the choir can hold a tune, there’s no natural soloist amongst them. He deliberates whether to ask Gaynor who has a delightful alto voice and often sings in the mornings in between Park Drives, though her choice of material would have to change, the Church ladies wouldn’t be interested in ‘gangsta rapping’. There’s also Pixie Lott whose round the house a lot now. She and Gaynor claim to be working on an album together in Gaynor’s bedroom and are recording themselves singing into a cassette recorder left over from the last Church jumble sale. Occasionally they’ll excitedly bring their tunes to Paul for comment and he does his best to encourage them though he doesn’t understand the majority of the expletive littered lyrics and the references to guns, violence and drug abuse ‘in da city’. Now the Church ladies want to sing some Carpenters songs, that’s real music.