Wednesday, 4 April 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 23

It’s Thursday and the local vicar has several baptisms this weekend, so he’s asked Gaynor to help him out at Church. After last months unfortunate incident, when he dropped the baby in the font, he’s taking no chances, the Bishop’s watching him like a hawk. Gaynor’s down Help the Aged with Paul and they’ve bought her a respectable dress. ‘Suitable attire for a vicar’s assistant’ says Paul, smiling at her obvious discomfort at wearing something her granny wouldn’t be seen dead in. ‘Shittttt!!’ exclaims Gaynor as she sees Pixie Lott and her gang of teenage miscreants across the road. She ducks down behind the rails of stinky dead people’s clothes as Pixie and her crew enter the shop. ‘Hi....’ says Pixie to Paul hesitantly, clearly she’s forgotten his name, ‘Is Gaynor here?’ Whilst Paul hates to tell lies, he sees little harm if it helps his friend, ‘Oh she’s just nipped to the boutique around the corner to check out the latest fashions...’ he says with his best swagger hoping they believe his fabrication. ‘Cool...’ says Pixie turning on her heel and leading her gang down the street. As they leave, Paul hears one of the gang say to Pixie ‘Is that her dad?’ and Pixie reply ‘Dunno.’