Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The Locar Vicar - Episode 7

It’s Friday afternoon and time for Paul’s appointment with the psychiatrist. After the usual pleasantries, the doctor suggests ‘So Paul, problems with delusions of grandeur and bedwetting again is it?’ Outside, Gaynor has the local vicar in a headlock, she’s caught him stealing her underwear and modelling it for the other members of the Parochial Church Council. With her free hand, she vigorously raps his scalp with her sovereign rings, whilst she drags him to the surgery window, ‘GET ME SOME FAGS’ she mouths to Paul through the glass and then seconds later adds ‘PLEASE’ remembering the Doctor’s there. She lifts the vicars head to the level of the window for Paul to see her ghoulish trophy, then she leads the captive towards the boating lake suggesting she’ll wash away his sins. ‘We don’t have long today’ the doctor kindly reminds Paul, checking his watch.