Monday, 12 March 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 9

It’s Thursday and Paul’s making his final arrangements for Xmas Day. He’s invited Gaynor and the local vicar for lunch and has been saving from his army pension to ensure that all three have a merry Xmas together. Gaynor’s already arranged a night out on the lash on Xmas Eve with Gill from the Post Office, but she’s solemnly promised she’ll rein it in and not to get that wasted she’ll spend Xmas Day with her head down the toilet or at the police station, or last year. The vicar will obviously be busy with his ‘mumbo jumbo’ as he calls it. He’s grateful for the invite though, it was only this time last year his wife moved out and left, after catching him, the church warden and the curate, chasing each other around the vestry naked except for ‘animal’ masks (he was a tiger).