Thursday, 8 March 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 8

It’s Sunday; Paul can’t leave the washing up another day so he takes all the plates and pans recklessly stacked in the sink and carefully places them on the draining board. Each dish tells a story from the preceding week and Tuesday’s lentils still burnt on the pan make him smile when he remembers the vicar’s vulgar joke that shocked the WI so much, they banned him from their meetings for life. He stares into the soapy water and drifts to the day he first met Gaynor, it was Paris 1979, she was the first violinist, leader and poster girl of the Tameside Youth Orchestra; Paul had taken a year out of his welding apprenticeship and was mooching his way around Europe working as a male model and escort to pay his travel expenses.....thankfully he didn’t mind walking or not eating regularly. Back in the present, Paul hears Gaynor arguing with next door about her collection of abandoned white goods and old stinky mattresses in the garden. ‘She still swears like a trooper’ Paul thinks and smiles.