Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 19

It’s Friday and Paul’s agreed to speak to the Bishop to try and smooth over the local vicar’s high jinx and bad behaviour at the Bishop’s New Years Eve party. Gaynor’s sat at the back of the Church looking cold and bored, she’s recently taken to carrying a large marker pen everywhere and Paul’s noticed the slogans ‘Gaynor woz ‘ere B4U’ and ‘Paul is a dick’ appear in several locations in the village. He hopes she can resist defacing the Church pews. The Bishop is quite sympathetic to the vicar’s behaviour and once he’s relaxed a bit, even candidly regales his own story of a lost weekend in Ibiza back in the 80’s, the details of which quite shock Paul; ‘I’ll be dining out on that tale for a while’ he thinks. The meeting diffuses the situation and as Paul has a few £’s in his pocket, suggests they all adjourn to the Dog & Gun for luncheon. As they leave the Church, Paul’s feeling quite chipper having helped his friend and all the group are crowded around Gaynor as she tells them her recent adventures in that crisp posh accent. Paul’s last through the door, as he looks back his eyes settle on the 18th century Italian marble font. There written in foot high black ink letters is ‘Bish & Vic Tru Luv 4eva’.