Friday, 23 March 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 17

It’s Tuesday and so cold that Paul has agreed Gaynor and the local vicar may declutter the house and burn some rubbish to warm up, whilst he’s out shopping. Pauls books and periodicals are the first things to get tossed onto the flames, though the vicar has to stop Gaynor from incinerating the ‘Good News Bible’ Paul won at Sunday School prize giving. After a while they take down the paintings and photographs he has scattered about the room. Gaynor doubts Paul will want the photo with Jimmy Saville commemorating his appearance on ‘Jim’ll Fix It’, so onto the fire it goes. She scowls when the vicar picks up the black and white wedding photo of Paul’s parents. She knows it’s the only photo he has of the happy couple and glares when the vicar deliberately fumbles it over the fire and gasps with astonishment, when he drops it into the flames with a deadpan expression. For a moment there’s silence in the room as they watch the photograph curl up and the happy smiling subjects disappear from existence. In the corner of her eye, Gaynor sees Paul struggling down the garden path with the weekly buying in. She runs to the door to get first dibs on the Jaffa Cakes and Cream Soda. As she opens the door, Paul smiles and says ‘Gosh it’s lovely and warm in here’.