Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 15

It’s Friday, Paul’s been for a brisk walk down the canal path, a place he often visits when he wants a little peace and quiet. He’s wearing a new raincoat that his auntie sent him for Xmas. It was a very considerate gift, as he’d only mentioned a week before that his old winter coat had mysteriously vanished. Perhaps Gaynor had given it to the Church jumble sale? She was very considerate like that, always helping the needy, never putting herself first. Only a couple of months before, she kindly donated Paul’s record collection to the Church Christian Aid appeal. She didn’t have time to ask Paul first, but she knew he wouldn’t mind. ‘We’re like brother and sister’ she said with one of her winning smiles. Later the same day, she’d said there was a big party at the Vicarage to celebrate the success of the appeal. The local vicar really wanted Paul to come, but there were some mega important Church people going, so he could only invite a few and Gaynor was only there to help out. Paul didn’t mind not going, he’d already promised to do Gaynor’s ironing anyway. It must have be an incredible party as neither Gaynor nor the vicar surfaced for two whole days. When they did come home, the vicar had a ‘kiss me quick’ hat stuffed in his pocket whilst Gaynor was attempting to conceal a large Teddy Bear with ‘A souvenir of Skegness’ across its chest.