Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 14

It’s Wednesday morning, Gaynor’s sat at the kitchen table, she’s miles from anywhere entranced by the agility of the flames dancing in the grate in front of her. Paul’s in his own world too, by the meagre light of the fire he’s repairing a rip in the local vicar’s trousers, that appeared after he was turfed out of the Dog & Gun last night. Apparently the vicar suggested to Terry the landlord, that ‘God will provide’ when asked to settle his bar tab and then smiled serenely at him to add credence to this belief. ‘We’re not all barred from the Dog are we?’ Gaynor suddenly questions breaking the peace of the room. ‘Until Terry gets his £20 for seven or so Rum and Cokes, I wouldn’t advise going in’ mutters Paul biting off a loose piece of cotton from his repair. In the hallway, the vicar carefully opens the front door, he’s Paul’s guitar under his arm and glancing at his wristwatch thinks, ‘Only 20 minutes till Crack Converters opens’. Then he steals off down the street wearing Gaynor’s bright yellow ‘Minions’ pyjama pants.