Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Local Vicar - Episode 12

It’s Saturday, Gaynor and local vicar are discussing corporate sponsorship for the new WM album. Idea’s for possible sponsors are banded around, but it’s decided their favourite brand ‘Park Drive’ will be their target sponsor. Given the vicar has watched every episode of ‘the Apprentice’ it’s agreed he will lead the pitch to the Park Drive board and they’ve asked Paul who’s worked part time at Kwik Save on and off, for his valued opinion on their presentation. Initially Paul is impressed, they’re not too drunk for this time on a week day afternoon and it’s kept lively by Gaynor bursting into song when the vicar uses any expression that remotely resembles song lyrics. It transpires the vicar is offering Park Drive advertising space on the reverse side of the WM album cover in exchange for a lifetimes supply of free fags. At the mention of album sleeves, Gaynor finds it appropriate to sing the chorus to Joni Mitchell’s ‘Both Sides Now’ over and over. It’s seems a fitting ending to an unusual pitch thinks Paul, after all if anything will sell the album, it’s Gaynor voice.