Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Local Vicar! Episode 1

Episode 1 - Paul’s in B&Q, it’s Monday afternoon. He’s no intention of buying anything, but likes to visit DIY shops to appear more ‘manly.’ Occasionally, he’ll strike up a conversation with a tradesman whilst secretly admiring their rough hands and stained overalls. As he turns into the painting aisle, he clocks Gaynor and the local vicar, Gaynor’s absorbed in an heated debate with a young B & Q employee, regarding the lack of eggshell blue she needs to finish painting the Church vestry. The vicar who’s smoking a Park Drive he’s cadged from Gaynor, tells her “leave it Gus, we’ll go to B & M, they’ve got paint and I can pick up some wine for Communion as well.” As Gaynor takes off with the vicar, Gladders shouts after her “Don’t forget the Billy Goat gig..” she turns and smiles and then she’s gone.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

23rd January 2018

Is our red letter day! It's the day our first album "Gus & Gladders" goes live on iTunes and other on line shops! Hard copies are available if you want them just email the address on the Contact page and we'll sort it for you. Nice one WMxxx

Monday, 27 November 2017

Live reviews

As we travel around from town to town in "Vita" Paul's trusty Ford, here are some of comments we've received from some of the venue's we've played recently. We like the common reference to our songs being well crafted :)
Talented, friendly, quirky duo with great charisma, well received by the audience." Nova Scotia Folk Club, Glasgow
The wonderful Wilson McGladdery are currently on stage at Cabaret Doonican, if you weren't here...they are really good. Check them out. You REALLY won't be disappointed." Scott Doonican, Cabaret Doonican, Barnsley
I'd like to thank you again for the amazing set you performed for SAW Acoustic Music on Sunday afternoon. Guitar, violin & vocals, especially the harmonies, were enjoyed by everyone and I've asked you back ASAP. You both had a relaxed manner and great sense of humour. Keep writing the songs and we'll see/hear you again soon." SAW Acoustic Music New Cumnock
Fantastic Sound, lyrics, banter, lovely people." The Castle, Bradford
Thanks to fantastic acoustic duo Wilson McGladdery for their big-hearted and elevating music." Square Chapel Centre for the Arts, Halifax
Visiting us from Saddleworth Lancs, folky(ish) duo, Gaynor Wilson and Paul McGladdery gave us superb singing/harmonies, lovely fiddle and guitar playing and a brilliant set of finely crafted songs, my personal favourite, "40", taking a satirical swipe at the significance of the number in relation to the biblical/religious matters. By this time the place had filled up nicely and Paul and Gaynor had won the crowd over with their wonderful playing and attractive personalities. They left us for their long drive home asking if they could return; no problem at all." Surf Café, Tynemouth
Marsh Blues and Folk Club Huddersfield would like to thank Gaynor and Paul, for playing a wonderful set, all original material, well crafted and superbly performed. Welcome back anytime, great stuff guys thanks"
A fantastic opening set from Gaynor Wilson and Paul McGladdery, some stunning self penned songs and to all my promoter friends out there, A MUST BOOK!!! Check them out." Thursday Acoustic Sessions @ the Black Bull, Haworth
And so we came to our final meeting of the year, the highlight of which was a brilliant star turn by Gaynor Wilson and Paul McGladdery. They gave us a selection of their fine self - penned songs complete with tight harmonies and an engaging stage presence" Timperley Folk Club, Timperley, Manchester

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Album Launch Party

We’re going back to our beginnings for our ALBUM launch PARTY, to the Cross Keys Folk Club (hurrah!) on Wednesday 28th February 2018. We’ll be performing in their barn, which is a lovely COSY room, but leaves us limited space for guests in addition to any folk club members who wish to attend. Paul suggests we select our guests on a “if we like you” basis. Which leaves the celebrated misanthrope with a very short list. Gaynor however prefers a traditional “naughty” or “nice” list, with her several ex - husbands and FB ‘blocks’ on a separate “no bleedin’ chance” list. If you wish to take part in this arbitrary selection process, please contact Gaynor. If she doesn’t reply, consider yourself blocked and on her no bleedin’ chance list.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Gus & Gladders (the Album)

Following a meeting of the board of directors in Gaynor’s kitchen last night, it was decided it’s time to reveal the first WM album to an unsuspecting public. ‘Gus & Gladders’ features ten of our showtime favourites, recorded and mixed by the dark soul of mancaver Dave Mull and then remixed by senior executive producer and everyones boss, Gaynor ‘Gus’ Wilson. The original artwork is by Brighton based artist Michael Chester AKA Bill Buswell of Tea - Powered Scribbles fame and the graphics by Rosie Arnfield. The launch campaign starts now!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Full Steam Ahead!!!

C'mon we're booked to appear on next years Manchester FOLK TRAIN 🚂 whhhooooo!!! We're definitely playing "Casey Jones steaming an' a rolling" and "let the Midnight Special, shine a light on meee". Details to follow.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

War of the Roses 🌹..Part 2

We met at 9am, slightly hungover from the night before. We retired to a nearby bar called Java for breakfast, neither of us really knowing what to expect. We arrived at the Civic Hall both surprised by the large turn out to watch an event scheduled to start at 10am, Sunday morning. There was already lots of banter circulating between the teams, clearly everyone had been here before and we were the newbies. Our team consisted of Alan and Ann (team captains), the five male singers of the Wilson Family and us. To add to our dread, our two song topics were scheduled first and we were facing the amazing Stanley Accrington representing Lancashire. Our first song "the Yorkshire Terrier" seemed like a disaster, a combination of nerves and hangover took hold and it was far from our best performance. Thankfully, our second song "Nudist Camp" was on the money and we left the stage feeling we'd redeemed our team's position considerably.

Friday, 21 July 2017

War of the Roses 🌹..Part 1

We were privileged to be members of the Yorkshire team in the War of the Roses competition at this years Saddleworth Folk Weekend. It involved us performing any song or poem for each of the topics, "Ailments and Cures" (peculiar to Yorkshire) and "Holidays and Destinations" (again in Yorkshire). If you are a regular subscriber to this page, you'll know we write songs and our most recent composition "Nudist Camp" a tribute to the best holiday resort in Yorkshire, ticked "Holidays and Destinations" off the list nicely. "Ailments and Cures" however proved a little tougher, keen to avoid songs about industrial disease, we decided to tell the story of the Yorkshire Terrier and how it's pedigree has left it with a myriad of health issues, how jolly we hear you cry, but come on, this is FOLK MUSIC!!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

All Posh & New Like

Please check out our video page, it has been updated with live performances from our appearance on Shift TV of "Cara Mia" (Paul's Italian phrasebook anthem) and "Glory" (inspired by the cat napping of snooze queen, Gaynor Wilson) and and and from Cookin' in the Kitchen, Gaynor' s beautiful rendition of "Convincing Me".

Friday, 12 May 2017

Scotland :)

Our first Scottish gigs; Gaynor can look forward to Paul's awful Sean Connery impersonation all the way to: 1. Sweet Afton Water Acoustic Music Club, New Cumnock, Ayrshire on 25th June; and 2. Nova Scotia Folk Club, Fort Theatre, Glasgow on 2nd August.